Types of Distressed Families

Parents are divorced or separated

Parents are divorced or separated

Incarcerated parents

Incarcerated parents

Reconstituted families with new family members

Reconstituted families with new family members

Children experience physical or emotional abuse

Children experience physical or emotional abuse

Possible Consequences

Parents are divorced or separated

Neglect and a low sense of self worth

Incarcerated parents

Grandparents are left with the responsibility to raise the children

Reconstituted families with new family members

Low social mobility in present and future families

Our Programmes

The OCBC-TODAY Children's Fund supports 8 programmes across 4 centres under the care of Singapore Children's Society to help children from distressed families rebuild their lives. They are namely, Children Service Centre, Student Care Centre (Henderson), Jurong Youth Centre, RoundBox @ Singapore Children's Society and Sunbeam Place.

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Beyond Parental Control (BPC) Statutory Supervision

Parents can approach the Juvenile Court for help with their children who are deemed beyond their control. The aim of the programme is to provide supervision and guidance to modify the child's behaviour and stabilise the family. Under the BPC Order, counsellors and social workers from Children's Society will supervise and counsel the wayward youth for a period of one to three years.

How your contribution helps

For every
one beneficiary receives assistance

In 2014, the Fund has raised S$1,157,881 that helped 1,578 children.

True Stories

The OCBC-TODAY Children’s Fund has witnessed its efforts to help children from distressed families rebuild their lives.

True stories

Seeing a KidzSHinEr SHINE

Salman started out as a demoralised student who had to repeat PSLE. Life at home has not been smooth-sailing, either. Salman, with his parents and three other sisters, lived in a small 3-room flat. His father was the sole breadwinner, working as a mechanic to fix bus wheels. Finances were limited and the family depended on various sources of financial aid from the schools and self-help groups.

The difficult circumstances saw Salman spending all his time playing soccer, getting into fights with the other boys, and used unkind language. Salman did not hold bright prospects about his future.

KidzSHinE fuelled Salman’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Salman came to recognise that he has other talents and skills which he did not realised he possessed. Intelligence came in many forms and Salman started to feel better about himself.

Not only did he pass PSLE, he was promoted from Normal (Academic) to Express Stream in his third year of secondary school. Today, he is an excelling mechanical student at ITE Simei.

Children like Salman may stay with the programme from as
short as 3 months to even 2 years.

$1,316.75 per week

The estimated cost for the programme per week is
$63,204/ 48 weeks= $1,316.75 per week.

True stories

Ray of hope

Cathy was referred for placement in Sunbeam Place in 2005 due to family abuse. The then 10-year old girl was later revealed to have mild intellectual disabilities, when staff at Sunbeam Place noticed that Cathy was doing poorly at school. She was immediately referred for therapeutic services and lessons on strategies of how to protect herself in the future.

Sadly, Cathay’s father took the opportunity to claim that Cathy's allegations of abuse were false based on her low cognitive abilities. Even though Cathy’s father was referred for therapeutic intervention in view of the abuse allegation made against him, he had showed little insight to his abuse problems and had refused to attend the necessary therapy or to maintain positive family relationships. Due to father's high risk behaviours, Cathy was not allowed any access with him from the time of admission until present due to his denial and lack of cooperation with the professionals.

Cathy adjusted well to living in Sunbeam Place due to the love and support given by her mother and the staff. She eventually graduated successfully from a Special Needs School with an excellent performance. Today, she is a responsible and helpful teenager with a positive outlook in life. She has also since reunited with her mother and aunty.

For a child like Cathy

A 14 year old boy with behavioural, socialization and emotional issues, the social worker counsels him daily, estimated $100 per week.

Social worker also works with the boy to build his self-esteem, estimated $30 per week.

The boy also attends the psychological intervention (for behaviour issues) and occupational therapy (motor skills issues) at Child Guidance Clinic every month. SBP social worker follows up after every session, estimate cost $20 per week.

$100 + $30 + $20 = $150 per week,
estimated $150 x 52 weeks = $7,800 a year.

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